Cake Caption Contest 2019

To be eligible for our contest you need to watch 60 seconds of this video. We would like to thank all of those that helped us to 1000 likes. We want to reward those liking our Facebook Page by offering a cake caption contest, where the prize is a $50 gift certificate. Our cakes are made with no preservatives and we offer in regular and numerous allergy-free options. The designs are unique, which help make your wedding/group memorable. At the most recent Fundraiser, we offered a Cassata Cake flavored with 151 Rum, mint-chocolate-chip-drizzled- Godiva-white-chocolate, and a shoe cake. We offer all our Facebook and Instagram friends to come up with a cake caption. It can be something as simple as Happy Birthday to my hubby. A 3rd party will hold the drawing April 31rst where we will announce the winner of the cake caption contest and the winner will win their choice of a $50 Visa gift certificate o, a $50 MasterCard gift certificate. All entrants will receive a store discount code after they enter.